The Scent of the Week



About Us

We LOVE self care and treating yourself the way you deserve to be

We want to make you to feel warm, happy and comforted in your own space, while removing the guilt of "me time".

Our Products

We make all our products by hand, in small batches, then it's on to the testing. All of this just to give you the best possible products!

We chose to use soy wax to because it's 100% vegan and cruetly free, just like our oils. 

Heart Warmers

The Heart Warmers are our community. You have helped create a happy, loving and safe space for wax lovers and self care explorers alike. 

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Self Care

Self care is usally something people say they haven't got time for, but we can't neglect it or feel guilty for taking much needed "me time" to become refreshed!

Scent is a perfect addition to your self care as it can change your mood instantly and help set the mood for your "me time"