About Us


Wavy Waxes was started by me, Marie Drew, in January 2021. I've always loved using wax melts, especially for self care. It just elevated my 'me time' with my favourite fragrance burning away and made me feel happy and warm.

Everyones has that one scent they connect to on a deep, personal level and I love that your favourite fragrance can say so much about you, your personality and unlock precious memories. Your perfect scent has the power to change your mood and the vibe of your home in an instant.

Our wax melts are made in small batches, by hand to give you the best possible quality you deserve, and that the scent throw is perfect and long lasting. Each of our scents are treid and tested before they are added to our shop. Our snapbars last well over 200 hours of burn time and our 10 Pack of Hearts have over 450 hours of burn time.


I want you to feel warm, happy and comforted in your own space and fragrance is a powerful thing that can help ease the stresses in your life. When you put on your favourite melt and take time for yourself, remember that it isn't selfish to treat yourself to a little luxury.